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Why Spincore Is Different

Spincore Helium 6

Why Spincore is Different

The magic of the physics of circular motion and negative levers

In traditional weight lifting when the weight is lifted in straight line the speed of movement is directly related to the force applied. In other words if you double the force the speed will roughly double.

With moving weights in a circle or ellipse to double the speed of movement you have to quadruple the force. Additionally with Spincore the hand position is strategically located inside the loaded ends and this creates a negative lever.

What this all means is that with very small amounts of weights, moved in a circle or ellipse, very significant resistance forces can be created. Perhaps even more importantly the design of Spincore allows a load to be created in any plane of movement that is desired, at any sport specific speed as well. This adds up to the ability to achieve maximum fitness in minimum time as well as providing as much specificity as is desired.

No other exercise or rehabilitation device can make these claims.

All thanks to my high school physics teacher, Mr. Wigle (now deceased) of Kingsville High School! A secondary thanks to my engineering alma mater, University of Waterloo!

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